Eucharist and Chi Rho Medal - Bronzite

Eucharist and Chi Rho Medal - Bronzite


The beautifully designed Eucharistic medal of this chaplet depicts a cross, wheat, wine, and a fish. On the reverse are the alpha and the omega, and the chi rho. The medal is solid bronze, hand-cast from a vintage original.

The Aves are bronzite squares — their edges are rounded and smooth. Among the Aves are beads of black and brown matte glass.

Medal: 1”
Aves: 3/8”
Length: 5.25”

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The connecting rings are copper and bronze. The chaplet is strung on premium quality SoftFlex jewelers’ cable, composed of 49 strands of steel encased in nylon, with a test-strength of 26 pounds. Each end is double-crimped for security.