Mysteries - Lava and Jasper

Mysteries - Lava and Jasper


"The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man."

— G. K. Chesterton, “Introduction to the Book of Job"

The crucifix of this chaplet is large, substantial, and beautifully shaped. It's cast by hand from a 19th century Spanish original, in solid bronze.

The Pater bead is lavastone, with interesting pocks and pits that formed when the molten rock cooled. It has some weight, and is pleasant to the touch. Alongside the Pater are rondelles of matte black Czech glass, and cylindrical beads of ebony.

The Aves are hand-cut cubes of black jasper. Their edges are rounded, and they're varied in shape, size, and color. Among these are beads of matte olive glass, ebony, and brass.

Crucifix: 2.7"
Pater: 14mm
Aves: about 8mm
Length: 7.25"

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The connecting rings are heavy gauge solid bronze. The chaplet is strung on premium quality Soft Flex jewelers' cable, composed of 49 strands of plied steel encased in nylon, with a test strength of 26 pounds; each end is double crimped for security.