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Prayer Bead Art

We aspire to make rosaries, prayer ropes, chaplets and jewelry as a form of sacramental art — beautiful, functional objects that incline us toward prayer.

We’re mindful of the 2000-year Christian tradition of making objects for counted prayer, and we’re also mindful that this is a tradition that’s alive — there’s room for imagination and inspiration to play their parts even today.

We make rosaries in the familiar Dominican form, as well as the traditional all-in-one-loop form. We can sometimes accommodate requests for other configurations — please inquire.

Our prayer ropes are made in counts suitable for the Jesus Prayer and other traditional prayer forms: 33-bead, 50-bead, and 100-bead. We particularly enjoy making 50-bead prayer ropes that can also serve as rosaries — by separating the 50 beads into 5 decades. Custom counts are possible.

We make chaplets in a huge variety of configurations — including the beloved Irish Penal chaplet and the 21-Bead Peace chaplet.. Most of our chaplets are some form of “single-decade” 10-bead chaplet — with perhaps 1 or 2 additional beads for the Paters. We’re open to discussion — different people like different counts.

Our rosary bracelets are designed to appeal to both men and women, and can be used for counted prayer. Occasionally we also make bracelets not meant for counted prayer but which carry crosses, crucifixes, Holy Medals or other sacred symbols.

We make necklaces that incorporate sacred symbols, crosses, crucifixes, and Holy Medals, usually of sterling silver or solid bronze. Many of our prayer ropes and rosaries are large enough to be worn as necklaces.