Candlelight - Stone and Bronze

Candlelight - Stone and Bronze


When we look into the heart,
May our eyes have the kindness
and reverence of candlelight.”

— John O'Donohue, "For Light"

The crucifix of this prayer rope is absolutely wonderful. It's cast from a well-worn — clearly well-loved — 18th century Latin American antique, in solid bronze.

The warm colors of the prayer beads remind us of candlelight. The beads are semi-translucent speckled stone, shaped something like flattened pears.

Tiny handmade brass beads separate the stone prayer beads. At each end of the strand are larger beads of brass.

Crucifix: 2"
Prayer beads: about 14mm wide
Length: 6.5”

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The connecting rings are bronze. The chaplet is strung on premium quality Soft Flex jewelers' cable, composed of 49 strands of steel encased in nylon, with a test-strength of 26 pounds; each end is double-crimped for security.